How to set a policy that can empty a specific folder from files


how to set a policy that can empty a specific folder from files

Sometimes you have a folder that is filled up with files and folders that you don’t need across the organization.

Obviously, you don’t log in to each computer and delete the files from the folder.

Steps to configure the policy.

Open the management console and navigate to advanced policies in the virtual technician tab.

Chose "folder clean up" under user tab.

Right click the right pane and click on add.

  1. Enable the policy.
  2. Fill in the description.
  3. Fill in the path to the folder, for example to delete all files in the downloads folder on all users write %userprofile%\downloads.
  4. Chose empty in the options.
  5. If you want to include subs directories change the button to on.
  6. If you want to delete empty sub directories change the button to on.
  7. If you have a specific condition turn on the match button to all conditions And click add to add a condition.
  8. If the operation needs to run with a different user open the "run as account" and choose the correct user.
  9. To schedule the running of the policy, turn the schedule to on and click on set to determine the time.

    In this example the policy will start to run at 6:53 PM, it will repeat for five times and run every one hour. 
    In addition, it will run only on 5/8/2023.

  10. To select specific computers, click on filter name and choose the filter that you want.
    How to configure a filter with a condition
  11. To activate the policy on users without the need to do a log out enables the live profile.
  12. To activate the policy every minute, enable the persistent.
    (if you choose to schedule you need to disable the Persistent option.) 
  13. Click OK and commit the changes.

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