Dameware remote control

This command activate the Dameware remote control program ad allows you to remote control computers from eProc.


C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Dameware Mini Remote Control\DWRCC.exe -c: -h: -a:1 -m:$MACHINENAME

Dameware remote control arguments:

-c:          Connect automatically.

-h:        Will bypass the Dameware Mini Remote Control Host Entry settings using the default connection settings unless specified otherwise by additional command line options (used with -c).

-a:          Specifies the Authentication Method. (0=Proprietary Challenge/Response, 1=NT Challenge/Response, 2=Encrypted Windows Logon, 3=Smart Card Logon).

To download the command  click here.
Once downlod complete, import it throw the import option in the Custom command section.

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