Grant Temporary Local Admin Rights

how to grant temporary local admin rights

Granting temporary local admin rights can be necessary in certain situations for the following reasons:
1.    Software Installation and Updates: Some software installations or updates require administrative privileges to modify                 system files or registry settings. By granting temporary local admin rights, users can perform these necessary             
        installations or updates without the need to involve IT support or administrators.
2.    Troubleshooting and Debugging: When users encounter technical issues or software conflicts, granting temporary local             admin rights allows them to access system files, logs, and settings that are typically restricted to regular users. This 
        access can help diagnose and resolve problems more efficiently.
3.    Customization and Configuration: Certain system settings, preferences, or hardware configurations may require 
        administrative privileges to modify. Granting temporary local admin rights enables users to customize their environment         and personalize settings to better suit their needs.
4.    User-specific Applications: Some applications, especially legacy or specialized software, may require local admin rights 
        to function properly. By granting temporary local admin rights to specific users, organizations can ensure compatibility 
        and enable the use of these applications without compromising the security of the entire system.
5.    Time-sensitive Tasks: In urgent situations or time-constrained scenarios, providing temporary local admin rights can 
        expedite tasks that would otherwise require administrative intervention. This can improve productivity and reduce delays 
        in critical operations.
6.    Testing and Evaluation: Users may need temporary local admin rights to install, test, or evaluate new software or system 
        configurations. This allows them to assess compatibility, performance, or functionality without impacting the stability or 
        security of the entire system.

Steps to grant temporary local admin rights
  1. First we go to the Control Center and click on Computers & Users.

  2. Locate the computer and double-click on it to open the real-time view.

  3. Once you are in the real-time view, go to the Session tab.

  4. Right-click on the session with the user name and click on the Temporarily grant admin permission option in the menu.

  5. In the window that opens, set the time limit for granting the temporary admin permission in days, hours and minutes and in the following window click OK and YES to confirm the action.

  6. Now eproc gives the account the admin permissions to complete the task.

  7. After the time limit expires, eproc revokes the administrator privileges from the account.

It is important to note that granting temporary local admin rights should be done with caution and following proper security protocols. Unauthorized or unnecessary elevation of privileges can pose significant risks to the system's security and integrity. Organizations should implement appropriate access controls, monitor activities, and revoke admin rights promptly when they are no longer needed.

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