How to fix shortcut not working

How to fix shortcut not working

Open the eProc management console and navigate to Virtual Technician > Extended GPP Polices and select Shortcuts in the Action's section.
In the policies section, double-click the shortcut to open the properties.

Check for:

  1. The policy is Enabled.
  2. The correct parameters are specified in the 'Option', 'Shortcut Name', 'Save directory', 'Target', 'Arguments', 'Start in', 'Window mode' and 'Icon file' fields.
  3. The 'Overwrite' button is 'ON'.
  4. The option 'Create shortcut only if target exists' is 'ON'.
  5. The 'Create save directory if not exist' option is 'ON'.
  6. Does the filter apply to the computer/user.
  7. set the 'Live Profile' to 'ON'.
  8. set the 'Persistent' to 'ON'

9. Click OK and commit the changes.