How to connect network drive with eProc.


Connect network drive with eProc.

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When a user loses connection to their network drive, they usually contact the Service Desk.
The service desk technician must remotely control the computer to fix the problem.
With eProc, they can connect the network drive without remote control. 

  1. First, we go to Control Center and click on Computers & Users 
  2. Find the computer and double-click on it to open the real-time view .
  3. Once you are in the real-time view, go to the Network Drives tab. 
  4. Click on "Connect" in the right pane. The "Connect to network drive" window will open. 
  5. Enter the "Drive letter" and the "Network path", the "Drive label" and the "Reconnect on login" option are optional. 

  6. Click Ok and Yes to confirm the action.
  7. Then eProc will mount the network drive to the user. 
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